Muay Movement

Muay Movement

What is Muay Movement

Muay Movement deals with Psychophysical Education.

It is the means that allows to balance the constitutive qualities of a human being by training Body, Mind and Aptitude.

It presents training itineraries tailored according to individual goals.

The paths are the result of decades of practice and university studies.

An experimental research in continuous evolution whose only “Law” is the cyclical change of Nature.

Find out the Activities – Martial Arts, Holistic Gymnastics, Bodyweight Training, Traditional Massage, Workshops

Why the name Muay Movement

MUAY is one of the names by which Thai Martial Arts are identified and recalls the strong experience I had the honor and privilege to spend in the heart of South East Asia.

This term derives from the Sanskrit language and literally means “Fighting to remain united”.

Fighting, in this sense, takes on a dual meaning. It faces its direct application to face dangerous situations and, at the same time, it remembers to be “Warriors” in everyday life, fighting for all those values ​​that contribute to a peaceful and balanced existence, for ourselves and for those around us.

MOVEMENT means exactly “Movement”.

Here we find various interpretations too, according to the context: it can represent the movement of a physical exercise or the movement of moods, ideals and intentions.

Muay Movement Logo

The central part is visibly inspired by the “Unalome”: a buddhist symbol that contains the existential development of Man.

The typical starting spiral of the unalome represents the chaotic and swirling origin from which we begin to experience the world. Subsequently, the zig-zag line suggests the positive/negative inclinations that everyone assumes in the course of work, and then culminate in a straight line that expresses the clarity of a life fully lived with courage and awareness.

In this case, we can perceive Muay Movement as something that, just from the storm, came to light delineating itself, with the desire to gradually refine itself until it died out, while retaining the Principle.

The two “M” of Muay Movement, as they were written, represent two hands offering a gift.

Then, this vision was connected to the firm intention that was needed to realize it. For this reason, in the end, this “gem” was set in a triangle figure, to represent the tip of an arrow ready to hit the target.

Muay Movement is the means to stay fit, learn to fight and find one’s dimension, with total respect for one’s temperament and fellow human beings.


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“Andrea is a real professional in the martial arts world. Revolutionary because of his studies of the traditional Muay Thai, unique in Europe and in the western world. Recommend to anyone looking for something different.” – Alex Bedino

“I had the chance to know Andrea at Norbulingka Institute (Dharamsala, India). He joined our clinic to give massage treatments to our staff and we always had good feedbacks. People could feel better after few treatments. He spent two months with us, training and teaching Thai massage to let us continue this service for the community. Other people came before him but I can say he is unique. I will never forget this experience and keep on practicing massage. I want to thank him, I really felt at ease learning with him.” Kalsang Nurse
“Andrea trained and taught me so much, not only from the combat point of view, he opened my eyes and my mind too. He taught me that the body has no limits and that the right time to act is now. Andrea is the living example of coherence. I owe him a lot. Thank you.” – Cristian Burani
“Complete experience for training, fighting methods, nutrition and life philosophy. Andrea applies what he teaches in practice every day and, in his experiences, he adapts his techniques and lessons. He’s the Living proof that the limit is imposed but exceeding it is the responsibility of the individual.” – Alessandro Chiurchi
“I have been following Andrea’s training program for a year: I started from zero and today I can say that I have embarked on a real discovery journey. I started to know my body, its strength and its limits. I developed a structure that allowed me to go beyond a vertebral fracture and to practice Yoga regularly. The training is exclusively bodyweight and follows a natural rhythm, without any forcing. Thai massage later became an excellent support for my physical activity. I lived several years in Asia and, given the amount of improvised therapists, I have always avoided. Only when I met Andrea and his professional background, I decided to receive massages. Given the results, I chose to study with him. I could have attended a school in Thailand, home of the discipline, but I chose a method that allows to meet the Eastern knowledge and the Western practical approach. A solution that actually works in accordance with personal features. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start a professional path or just enjoy training and stay fit.” – Marika Rizzo