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Traditional Martial Arts vs MMA??

Traditional Martial Arts vs MMA?? No “versus” thanks!

At the turn of the new millennium, a lot of people are still underlining a clear difference between those who practices the so-called “Traditional” Martial Arts and those who votes for the Total Combat (sport or not) using every technique that is functional to the ultimate goal.

Many refer to a question of values, some talk about spirituality. On the other hand, others actually demarcate an abysmal border between those who are ready for the confrontation and others who are not.

An excellent reason to take a leap into the past and understand the direct connection to what is happening today.

Martial Arts were born with Man and represent one of the greatest expressions of our indomitable spirit.

From ancient times, the warrior discipline has identified entire populations. We talk about real Initiatory Paths that prepare to face the adversities of existence.

An example above all is the Greece at the Golden Age.

Thousands of years ago, Greek and Spartan warriors, among the most feared in the world, used to practice Pan Kratos, which literally means “All Powers”. A combat system that involved the use of all possible techniques to end the opponent. A discipline as succinct in war as renowned in the Olympic Games.

Those times Men walked in step with the Gods. Spirituality, ethics and values were evident in every gesture or word.

However, they always focused on practicality and decisiveness.

Philosophy and Action represented two hands joined in prayer, equally ready to wield a shield and a sword

In every oldest martial arts of the world, an integral fight was expected and our analysis should start from this undisputed knowledge. Nothing more “Traditional”.

Through comparison, people could give form and substance to the content of their own Spirit, forgetting every fake goodness, pulverizing imposed morals and leaving space for the Divine.

Men were ready to fight in the name of a Nobility that didn’t ask to deny their Own Nature.

A performance where life and death are equivalent.

A dimension aimed at highlighting one’s limits with the profound desire to overcome them. Nothing more “sacred”.

After that period, a gradual interdisciplinary separation occurred. It was caused by the fragmentation of a knowledge that was no longer considered indispensable in the education of the people.

It seems that, at a certain point, Man preferred to focus on “specialization and details” losing sight of the Big Picture.

Even the affirmation of monotheistic cults led to a marked regression of psychophysical abilities. They started to limit the free expression of the individual, forcing men from birth to live body and mind as “broken up still living together”.




By analyzing briefly the possible consequences, ranging from theory, practice and exoteria, we can easily see obstacles that are part of our subjective vision.

However, Mixed Martial Arts are a clear attempt to return to the origins of the discipline as it was, without any mystification and speculation.

At the same time there are unequivocal gaps under the eyes of all connoisseurs.

I voluntarily avoid all the aspects concerning marketing and competition, as they affect the whole existential sphere and are not absolutely imputable to some areas rather than others.

We have to be realistic and impartial.

Method and Attitude are perhaps the only topics on which we should focus

The current state refers to the way you train to deal with more often unpredictable movement situations.

If we are willing to admit that MMA involve a process of stylistic purification, on the other hand we should also recognize that, to learn how to face a full fight contest, we need high level teachers.

These are elements that also touch many avid supporters of Traditional Martial Arts, who are able to build entire novels to avoid sparring. The famous “I train mortal techniques, if I touch you then I am forced to hurt you” or “The victorious army is the one that has never fought”. I refer to all those who fight in their mind as in the famous movie “Hero”.

Fortunately they are not all the same.

To pass to a certain level of contents we need stages, times …. and Sector Experts.

Most of the champions who have distinguished themselves in this field have been training for many years in various fighting specialties.

Their ability to move and master the technique are the result of a fairly varied and complex process.

The only substantial difference therefore lies in respect for the individual. We should just follow the natural processes without burning the physiological stages of learning.

The athletic aspect is important, but what concerns the common thread between Posture, Breathing and Aptitude is fundamental
Nothing to do with uniforms, belts and systems aimed at creating mass automata, nor even mystical phrasebook really far from what “works”.
It is simply a matter of Physical Education and Exercise preparatory to the Movement.
In order to do this, people with intellectual honesty are in great demand. Someone who can propose subjects on which he is really prepared. A professional practitioner who has not succumbed to the fairy tale of “Patented Master”, willing to share the contents, and who is not interested in selling any products.
The Muay I studied in Thailand (like all martial arts in their origins) does not differ from the MMA concept at all. It is only about Method and it is only time to return to “Being Who We Really Are”.

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