Muay Boran & Muay Thai: let’s find out the difference!

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In several previous articles I talked about the distinctive features of Muay Boran: origins, goals, styles, quality of movement, myths to dispel, etc. Watch the video However, many still do not know the substantial difference between Traditional Martial Arts and Combat Sports. In this case, it is all about the peculiarities that make up the […]

Muay Thai Boran: Myths to Dispel – Part 2

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In the firts article concerning the Myths to Dispel about Muay Thai Boran we saw how, this ancient martial art, is much more than the commercial corollary consisting of forms, pre-set techniques, belts, amulets, folklore, etc. This time, however, I want to talk about “furnishing accessories”. All that feeds a marketing aimed at monetization and […]

Incredible India: The countdown started!

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My life and research experience in the “Incredible India”, about yoga, ayurveda and martial arts, is coming to its end. The countdown started! In the previous article , I explained how to organize and live 6 months in India with a very low budget. With satisfaction, I can finally say that I have hit the target. […]

Zombie Fight Club: 5 Fatal Bites for the Martial Artist

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Nowadays, the panorama of Martial Arts and Combat Sports is so varied that it has reached a high degree of saturation. We are talking about disciplines that, due to personal visions and expectations, are very often restricted in solid loops, well rooted in the subconscious and almost impossible to eradicate. These are powerful associative mechanisms […]

Boxing – The Prince of Traditional Martial Arts

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In contemporary times, when we talk about Traditional Martial Arts, we often think automatically about the East, the fascination of its mysticisms and the attraction aroused by its colorful philosophical currents. And it is precisely the Great Philosophy that instead leads directly to the Ancient Greece, the Mother of the Combat Art par excellence, known […]

The Martial Artist: a journey beyond the metaphor

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During my experience, I have often heard many curious stories about the martial artist. Frequently, they are fictional novels that come from the popular and cinematographic belief. Spheres of light, secret shots, somersaults, masses that are moved with the inner energy, etc. Many don’t understand what a true martial artist is, yet. Surely we have […]

How to face the main obstacles during meditation – Part 5

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During meditation it’s very easy to meet with different obstacles. I’m talking about events that, sooner or later, will interfere with our journey towards awareness. Even if there is not a standard solution for everyone, there are remedies that everyone can customize according to their needs. We have two main kinds of events: physical and […]