Training over the fashion: What Sparta WAS NOT

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Reflections between Training and Spartan Warriors The Art of War has always been the subject of many discussions, from philosophical to more practical ones. It becomes even more marked when we talk of the stereotype created about Sparta and its Warriors. To date, the cinematographic world plays a primary role in this sense. In fact, […]

Stretching or Loosen the Joints?

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Stretch the muscles or Stretch Out the joints? Have you ever noticed the extreme looseness an expert yoga practitioner shows in his exercise routine? Or how can a martial artist be completely flexible, soft and relaxed in performing his movement? For many years I’ve been researching about these aptitudes and I tested different training methods. […]

Lunar Phases and Training: Follow your Nature!

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Talking about the Moon and its phases, we often start thinking about the first moon landing, a walk by the ocean or about werewolves! You have certainly heard of natural cycles and sequences that are regularly repeating in the ecosystem we live in. Surely we can observe the passing of the seasons, days and nights, […]

The Posture: take your position!

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When we speak about Movement and Fighting, there’s no doubt, one of the most important features is Posture. Humans assume different positions in particular moments and situations. It’s about the relation existing between the different parts of the body, the way they interact with the surroundings and the gravity. In the last centuries, Man has […]

Bodyweight Workout: train off the grid!

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Human body training has always been a very intriguing topic. Ever since we started considering training as an exact science, we’ve been almost “forced” to find always more sophisticated and different new solutions to prepare the body. Training with avant-garde machines and next-generation equipment that, for fashion or only by hearsay, have become a must […]