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Tai Chi & Qi Gong – Taoist Yoga

When I found out the Ancient Muay Thai, I used to practice and teach Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong (Martial and Non).

I remember I started by pressing needs that required a prompt intervention.

I had just attended a body building competition and I found myself facing all the problems deriving from years of hyper nutrition and exhausting workouts, beyond the limits of humans.

For having sustained long term heavy loads, my joints were inflamed and suffering, the sleep-wake rhythm and the digestive functions were totally out of phase. Headaches, anger, nervousness and a feeling of unease were just some of the effects that were assuming gradually important dimensions.

Several times I’ve heard about yoga but, in order to adhere to my innate characteristics, I’ve always remained faithful to Western gymnastics.

However, in this case I decided to make the leap, get away from my convictions and expand my professional vision. I wanted to experiment and evaluate something new, so I chose an “alternative way” to solve the disorders I caused by myself.

I needed an overdose of will and patience to deal with imperative issues we often avoid for lack of courage.

My balance was compromised and I was just looking for something that could give me physical and psychological relief. This was undoubtedly the triggering motivation that drove me into a very different dimension as compared with the activities I was used to do.

In fact, Qi Gong is a form of Yoga that has been practiced in China for about 5000 years and that, during the history, has taken different purposes.

Tai Chi is one of its varieties and represents a classic example of Yoga Applied to the Movement.

It often happens that the esoteric language distracts us from their practical aspect. So, we should always remain engaged in the things that can help us to translate the words into Facts.

If we can recognize that air, food, body, fluids and mental activity are “energy”, then we can certainly analyze a set of consequences arising from our own attitudes.

In these disciplines (as highlighted in the articles about Muay Jerng and Ruesi Da Ton) there is a profound focus on posture, breathing and mental attitude.

They allow us to learn how to coordinate all these aspects in movement, with the aim to obtain a greater awareness. This way, it seems to be an active meditation to bring body and mind back into line.

Tai Chi Chuan

As a yogic art, it presents different operating modes that can vary according to our personal needs.

More generally, it works on prevention to maintain a good state of health. Specifically, it can integrate healing protocols for established diseases or can be used to improve performances in work, sport, communication, social relations, etc.

Even if It’s difficult not to see the advantage, it’s not such a simple step.

My first six months of practice were really hard: morning, afternoon and evening sessions trying to reconstitute the core of my habits.

The physical efforts and events of the past have been truly remarkable and my determination has always supported me during my journey, but nothing puts you so much to the test as “dealing with yourself”.

We should understand that one moment after the other, our actions write our present and that these actions have roots that go well beyond the excuses we hide behind the word “destiny” – A real challenge to be realized.

Many of us can easily affirm “I am in love with life”, but there are few of us ready to observe that life is made of time and the way we use our time draws the reality we live.

In a cyclical laziness, we often postpone to an uncertain tomorrow what we should be able to do now, we complain about events and we grab hold of a subtle mediocrity because it hurts turning around and looking at it.

A breath or a slow movement can hug the infinity and, in a world where everything seems to run madly towards nothingness, stopping for a moment can be really scary.

After three years of daily tests in this specialty, I found myself in a new life.

The most sensational part was that I could go back to Martial Arts at high levels.

After three surgeries, for many doctors it seemed impossible but after few more years of intense training (adjusted according to my skills), I found myself in Southeast Asia once again consecrated to the Combat Discipline.

All this allowed me to have a fair complete picture on how to train and feed our potential.

I was able to rediscover the clear connection between the East and the West without following any dogmas and traditions. I used to keep a realistic and objective way to face everything and to retrace the inestimable value of the disciplines belonging to our culture.

What I have just told is based on tangible results; it is a significant extract of my personal experience, without any filters.

“Muay Movement adopts a Practical Method that respects individual aptitudes”. I refer exactly to the sum of all the experiences that answer to the “Function”, putting aside speculations and philosophies of any kind and origin.

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