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Incredible India: The countdown started!

My life and research experience in the “Incredible India”, about yoga, ayurveda and martial arts, is coming to its end. The countdown started!

In the previous article , I explained how to organize and live 6 months in India with a very low budget.

With satisfaction, I can finally say that I have hit the target.

For Ayurveda, given my pragmatic propensities, I considered it was essential to deal with professionals, doctors and therapists. In all my travels, the main purpose has always been to break the specter of beliefs: to relate to the most concrete part of a discipline and to share it for what it is.

Ayurveda considers the human being in all its aspects

As a Yoga “sister discipline”, it’s about the fundamental issues concerning health and existential balance. All elements that lead back to the roots of Traditional Thai Massage, a constitutive part of my background.

Nuad Boran, in fact, in addition to its famous therapeutic purposes, is also known as “Thai Yoga Massage”, because of its specific job on the natural characteristics of the individual, interacting with body, mind and mood.

In all this, Yoga is the keystone

To optimize my time and ensure a functional assimilation of the contents, I have deliberately set the focus beyond any religious and exotic visions. Otherwise, getting stuck becomes sensibly easy and involuntary, just like the act of breathing.

Incredible India

Thanks to the confrontation with expert masters, I have been able to appreciate the various interpretations of the topic and to actually test the advantages and inconsistencies existing between subjective belief and objective experimentation.

As already said in the Origins of Yoga and its related Myths to Dispel, this discipline is born as a real “psychological technique”. Only in a second stage it also flows into the physical dimension.

By “psychological technique” we mean a precise analytical method that underlies the achievement of full self-awareness and free expression. Nothing to do with holiness and abstract visions.

To learn more you can consult Samyama Yoga and Meditation Guide.

The extremism of the physical part of Yoga leads directly to the workout used in Kalaripayattu (the Martial Art of Kerala)

It is a kid of training that involves a severe conditioning of the body, according to the customs and habits in vogue thousands of years ago.

Kalaripayattu, the progenitor of many Asian martial arts, as it happened for most of the traditional combat disciplines, today is considered as a good psychophysical exercise. Given its decidedly folk components, it is often hired to entertain tourists.

Leaving aside the ancient fencing with white weapons, I have investigated particularly on how to train the fighter. I clearly found remarkable “junctions” with the martial arts I studied, contextualizing the content according to the needs of our times.

In this sense, I focused my studies solely on the technical core of Yoga, without giving in to the fascination of the shades that took place in the course of history

At the same time, even if I explained the events I’ve been living in India in a syncretic way, it should not lead to the mistake to consider the different subjects I have just discussed with superficiality.

Each topic involves many other sub-topics that can not be synthesized in an article, just as every good Matrix has many other sub-matrixes.

Everyone has his own visions and personal goals. In this case, my intention was to trace all the possible connections among the activities that I practice and teach, to rejoin, in an even larger circle, my western origins.

Precisely, because of these analyzes, faithfully adhering to the original intentions of the above-mentioned disciplines, I think it is very wise to put an end to any kind of identification process.

Every object, sensory or external to the person, can generate attachment. And, whenever we tie ourselves to a concept, we are stuck and influenced. This is a path that belongs to everyone, nobody is  excluded.

The task of a researcher, just like a Warrior, is to observe and participate without being betrayed by himself. Staying above the parts to constantly realize that “The map is not the territory”.

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