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Meditation: why to learn it – Part I

Introduction to Meditation

This article introduces Meditation, and represents the first of a series devoted entirely to its PRACTICAL aspect.

The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to experience immediately the benefits of this millennial discipline.

There are many relevant books on the subject, many “so called” masters all over the world, and each of them presents the topic in his own way.

I chose to write about this discipline to highlight only its pragmatic and functional aspect, beyond ritual and prayers.

For questions of coherence I will talk you about Vipassana Meditation (Clear Vision) that I have personally practiced before and during the years I lived in Thailand, and that continues to be a constitutive element of my training.

An efficient science that has contributed a lot to my evolution, and which is an important feature of Theravada Buddhism – Philosophical current that has drastically influenced the Asian culture. Read the article Martial Arts: Buddhism at the Teaching Desk!

We should know that Buddhism was not born as a religion for believers, but as a tool for researchers.

In fact, Buddhism has a spiritual dimension that you can experience directly without the need to worship divinity. You do not need to ask for a permit or intercession to a priest/monk/saint.

The aim is to go beyond the dense network of illusions that prevents us from perceiving and experiencing the world as it is.

A good news: there is an analytical method that allows to reach the real status of things. The bad news: we are the only who can activate this mechanism. No one else can do it for us.

It is a deep act of responsibility. A position that definitively cuts the umbilical cord with every possible scapegoat to which we often rely the causes of our condition.

Meditation only lives in practice and it is rooted in experience.

The frequent mistake is to follow “meditation classes”, with the hope to learn this discipline by incorporating a big amount of information, the same way of a modern school.

On the contrary, only those who truly possess the “insight” can give us guidelines through which we can start this journey. We need to become our master.

Meditation happens, just like the existence that flows while we think about our projects.

There is a big difference between the aware man and the one who talks about awareness: the first one is already aware, the second one is just talking about it. It is not simply by listening to a sermon that we can reach our personal balance. Virtue can not be imparted or imposed.

Why to learn meditation

Surely to meditate it is necessary an effort that requires different resources: patience, constancy, time and so on.

Would not it be better to go to the bar, to meet friends, to eat food, to enjoy a drink, to have some sex and to be carefree? So, for what absurd reason should we do it?

Easy. Because we are united by the same situation: the Human Condition.

The same one that often invites to look for every form of enjoyment and to repudiate anything that can give us a displeasure. That’s all that separates us from what matters: the present moment, regardless of its ups and downs.


We have been used to be happy in moments of joy and to have many depressive crises in painful moments. Situations that giving rise to a series of chain reactions with significant repercussions from the mental and physical point of view .

So, here we are, another new and big carousel is taking place: lose weight, reach a social position, make a career, get more and more, crave success, control the others, situations, etc.

It does not matter if the income is material or emotional, the pathology is always the same.

For a while maybe you can disguise the suffering reality, the perception that there is something wrong, but every time it becomes more and more difficult to face.

That pain zone continues to grow, to take possession of our spaces and our time, forcing us to live at the mercy of events and emotions.

If I had more money.. if I were more attractive.. if I had more friends.. if I could take a trip.. an eternal “if” that disavows everything, inside and outside of us, and that feeds a great dissatisfaction sense.

So, we do nothing but argue just to hide our lazyness not to notice the incessant motion of the universe. We have been used to give a lot of imaginary answers: good / bad, right / wrong.

We think we can reach happiness and serenity only on the basis of achievements. But, even when we obtain what we have long desired, suffering is always there, it seems never to give up. For a while it calms down, and then comes back more powerful than ever.

A life change becomes possible only when we begin to see ourselves as we are, at this precise moment, here, now.

At this point the choice is clearly individual.

Meditation cleans our mind from all that often causes “irritating processes”: desires, vainglory, fear, envy, hatred, anger, the thought of oneself, of others, pre-occupation, and much other.

It gives a clear awareness and allows to change. And just like a reptile would do, we take part in a process that needs to be repeated several times, according to the laws of nature.

The purpose of meditation is the Personal Transformation. And there’s only one way I know to check if it’s true or not: Start to do it.


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