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Muay Thai Boran: Myths to Dispel – Part 2

In the firts article concerning the Myths to Dispel about Muay Thai Boran we saw how, this ancient martial art, is much more than the commercial corollary consisting of forms, pre-set techniques, belts, amulets, folklore, etc.

This time, however, I want to talk about “furnishing accessories”. All that feeds a marketing aimed at monetization and proselytism.

I always use to underline that my only intent is to offer tangible information, starting from my direct experience.

There is absolutely no intention to offend or stop any present business forms; everyone feels free to practice and live certain things according to his personal convictions and propensities.

About Muay Thai Boran and Ancient Thai Fencing Tournaments/Championships

The most cruel Muay Thai fights (not properly “Ancient Muay Thai”) ended during the twenties of the last century.

After the death of an athlete during a match, which took place precisely in 1926, the King definitively forbade any potentially lethal technique related to the sports contexts.

Consequently, to date, we can serenely exclude the presence of possible official competitions in which one can use Muay Thai Boran as it was conceived. Regardless of whether, in some circumstances, fighters use to tie the ropes to their hands.

If in hand-to-hand combat sport the doubts are equal to zero, for white weapons fighting you really have to be very, really particularly and intentionally fancy.

During 1700-1800 approximately, with the advent of firearms, the white weapons aimed at war disappeared.

It is completely foolish to think that there are (or have existed in the contemporary era) matches where equipments made of real blades are allowed.

The objective groundlessness of a subject that has attracted the interest of many practitioners seems just logical; the same people who have approached this discipline with a certain degree of a tender ingenuity.

In this sense, there has NEVER been any official competition, if not theaters / local celebrations made to entertain people and tourists.

We’re talking about blatant, broad, pre-set and, of course, well-calculated movements to evoke the great historical battles.

For some years now the National “Games” have taken hold, within which it is possible to take part in standardized competitions.

For hand-to-hand matches it’s about a very regulated contest, where the participants wear helmet, chest-guard, elbow-guard, etc. It is not at all comparable to the hardness of the Sporty Muay Thai and enormously distant from Muay Thai Boran…

For the armed combat fencing they use to wear specific protections and the swords are very light and soft rubber sticks. It would be really misleading to draw comparisons with a real war context.

Muay Thai Boran

About Federations classified as “Governmental” and Multinationals of Muay Thai Boran

We should assume that, in Thailand, everything is established on a monarchical settlement.

Therefore, all of which is allowed to “exist” is thanks to the indisputable approval of the King.

From this point of view, when thai people understood that the Ancient Muay represented a serious and concrete form of sustenance, the King did not impose many limits in this regard.

Every good leader would have done it, just to offer a palpable source of income in a place where poverty still reigns; especially when the user is a Farang (foreigner).

A foreigner visitor is not a simple tourist who brings money, but an excellent opportunity to get visibility. How many of them arrive, so many others they try to hold back, especially when, in their wake, they bring more still.

We can imagine the evolution in scale of this phenomenon following the dissemination of martial arts.

The speculation is quite obvious.

Welcoming the willing foreigner, full of “innovative intentions and ideas”, has given an important boost to monetize and create a remarkable reality show, where everyone is convinced and tries to convince others about non-existent and inconsistent issues.

Following this logic, once understood that the usual mechanism “uniform, belt, exams, diploma, etc.” really worked, suddenly the Traditional Muay Thai has contracted the same pathology that has affected many other disciplines of the sector.

Thanks to this process, the Mc Muay Thai Boran was born, with a lot of “certified and insured” public authorities that emerge every day from nothing, based on the usual mix of techniques and supported with the usual mystical legends.

For all the reasons listed so far, between the first and the present article, there is no “Association/Organization/Federation” that can guarantee 100% the veracity of the contents of this martial art. Once the question on the main styles of Muay Thai Boran is solved, all that remains is to research and experiment.

The end of beliefs ends part of the system, for the remaining part it is up to the individual … and to his common sense.

About Martial Arts Families

Many, even in the East, have understood that part of the human race develops maniacal tendencies about family and related values, mentioned to enhance the level of mental association.

Moreover, excluding exceptions, many western people would admit (to themselves or to others) the presence of family problems that generated different types of frustration and/or episodes of depression.

Identification is a great bogeyman, especially when it comes to martial arts, yoga, meditation and so on.

No Master, who is reputed to be a real master, would invite a student to identify himself with a status/logo/symbol.

To date, how many “full-blown” masters in the world exist? How many of them are ready to pursue the “Impartial Freedom” of the practitioner?

It would open an unbridgeable gap and we will certainly not face it now! 😉

Proselytism is an unmatched weapon, a typical must in religious, political and economic circles.

It is a powerful means exercised through persuasion techniques that work with pounding persistence on the user’s emotional register.

If there is a family, that’s the one where you were born and/or grown up. For better or worse, it is an important part of your life.

In the best case it supports you, in the worst it made you a warrior, showed you what you don’t want for your existence and it offers you the chance to realize your vision of “family”, perhaps starting from your balance and not from your neuroses. No excuses.

That said, no more talk… the alarm is ringing … can you hear it ?! It is calling us …

No one will walk in our shoes assuming the responsibilities of which we should take the lead.

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