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Macerated Oils: Nature on Your Skin!

Macerated oils are herbal preparations obtained through the maceration of flowers and aromatic medicinal herbs in vegetable oil. Long kept in the solvent, these herbs release their aroma and their liposoluble active ingredients, creating medicated oils, useful for the protection and care of our skin.

The preparation of macerated oils requires variable times depending on the extraction method

In hot conditions times are reduced, but there is the risk of losing some properties in the heating phase.

Instead, in cold conditions the qualities of the plants are better maintained and, in most cases, they are made referring to the Lunar Phases.

Frequently, the use of dried herbs is preferred to avoid the formation of molds due to the presence of water and to favor a subsequent safe conservation: from six months to a year.

At the same time, we know plants that, by nature, need to be processed fresh: first among all the hypericum.

Macerated Oils

Unlike the pure essential oils which, due to their high concentration, can be used only in small doses and diluted in other oils and creams, macerated oils, once filtered, are ready to be applied on the skin for daily hydration, the treatment of several disorders, for relaxing and anti-inflammatory massages.

They can be used after the shower, spread on wet skin for better absorption and they are useful at home as a natural remedy.

Macerated oils are excellent for oil massages with relaxing or tonic functions

The plant is chosen, primarily, for its properties and according to the strong power of its aroma: for example, let’s think about the calming lavender and the stimulating lemon.

There’s something for all tastes and different uses, today we see the Calendula macerated oil, a flower with marked anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturizing and soothing properties, ideal for sensitive skin and in case of:

  • redness, inflammation, burns and sunburns
  • acne, pimples, skin infections, mycosis, herpes
  • insect bites and dermatitis

Macerated oils, in their natural simplicity, do not have strong fragrances or lists of dozens of ingredients and, for this reason, they represent a valid alternative for all those who no longer feel they want to trust the large-scale retail trade.

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