Martial Arts

Muay Movement shares Basics & Fundamentals of Martial Arts.

Its program focuses on Self-Awareness and Self-Defense.

A Martial Arts Training is a way to face our daily life in the best way we can.
In this sense, fighting answers to the strict need to defend one’s own and the weakest integrity.

Martial Arts

Fit the Body – Set the Mind –  Sharpen the Aptitude

Storm Phase

  • Body Conditioning. Know your constitution, learn how to respect it and make it efficient.
  • Striking. Learn to hit using upper/lower limbs, shoulders, hips and head.
  • Grappling. Learn to manage the different struggle phases.

Peaceful Phase

  • Symbolism in Movement. Learn the Sacred Geometry and find out how to put it in practice.
  • Forces Study. Learn to manage the main dynamics of the Force. (Expansion – Compression – Pull – Push)
  • Yoga & Qi Gong

The two phases are linked and related, but everyone can choose to attend also one of them according to the personal needs and purposes.


Frequent asked questions

Is it for everyone?

This kind of path is for both men and women from the age of 12 years on, after positive result of proper aptitude test.

How long does it take?

In average, to get the “basic” contents of a Martial Art, it takes about 3 years of a constant and no-stop practice. Time and modalities change according to the personal characteristics and availability.

How much does it cost?

Costs are set according to the modalities and learning period.

  • Private sessions are more expensive than group classes
  • Muay Movement offers special solutions for long period commitments and for people with serious issues
  • Muay Movement evaluates partnership for who want to exchange professional skills and knowledge
Do you give a certificate?

At the end of the path you’ll get a document that recognizes in detail all the arguments you studied and the skills you have reached.

Learning this discipline could I take part in a sport match such as MMA, K1, etc?

Muay Movement’s program focuses on Self-Awareness and Self-Defense. Anyway, the Basics & Fundamentals of this program are functional for agonistic purposes as well. Goals for which one should contact proper staff and organizations.

“I’m a beginner” or “I’m experienced in martial arts”

Muay Movement’s path are tailor-made according to the personal starting point and final target.

Is there any competition?

To really learn how to fight, sparring is essential: an informal confrontation, ruled and built on levels, that considers the background of the participants. Sparring IS NOT MANDATORY, but suggested.

Do I have to were uniforms, belts and similars?

Simple clothes are ok: clean, comfortable, transpirant and according to the context. Combat guards are mandatory for sparring (omologated helmet, mouthguard, mma and boxing gloves).

Is there any exam?

Every training session is an exam. It means we give importance to the real and present experience.

Which style do you teach?

Muay Movement shares an iter through each one can recognize his/her proper aptitudes. A method to learn how to defend and attack in a realistic and non-collaborative context, practicing the essential elements of the Ancient Muay Thai, Tai Chi and Unconventional Boxing.

What do you mean by Sacred Geometry applied to Martial Arts?

It’s about symbols coming from the nature and mithology applied to the movements. The execution of these symbols allows to set the constitutive qualities of body, mind and spirit, getting more awareness. Dynamics that hide the main attack/defend lines.

In your path, do you give more importance to the physical aspect or to the mental/spiritual one?

Muay Movement comes from an experience gained thanks to both, according to the criteria of the Traditional Martial Arts .

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