Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight Workout is a training that engages all the qualities of the human body, respecting its original functions.

It represents one of the most complete way to stay fit and healthy.

Bodyweight Workout uses a natural method to develop Strenght, Resistence, Flexibility, Agility, Reactivity and Balance.

It adopts movements according to our innate skills and it doesn’t require tools or specific spaces.

The program incudes the learning of the 3 main phases

  • Global Phase. Visualize the gesture.
  • Specific Phase. Separate and train the different parts of the gesture.
  • Transformation Phase. Final gesture realization, understanding its evolutions.


Frequent asked questions

How much does it cost?

Costs are set according to the modalities and learning period.

  • Private sessions are more expensive than group classes
  • Muay Movement offers special solutions for long period commitments and for people with serious issues
  • Muay Movement evaluates partnership for who want to exchange professional skills and knowledge
How long does it take to see the first effects?

You can appreciate the first results from the first month, and they start to be marked after the sixth month of practice.

I’m a beginner. In average, how long it takes to become confident with this kind of exercise?

To get into the heart of practice you need at least 6 motnhs. After about 2 years of constant training you can get enough awareness to personalize and explore the practice, according to your aptitudes.

“I want to lose weight” – “I want to improve my athletic performance” – “I want to solve my postural problems”

Being directly connected with the original functions of the human body, bodyweight workout presents direct and efficient solutions according to the target.

How many days per week should I train to get the best results?

In average, three days per week every other day it’s the ideal solution. For those who practices other disciplines also once or twice per week is enough.

What do you mean for “learning the 3 main phases”?

For example let’s see a normal push up.  At the beginning I start to become aware about the gesture I have to do and my starting point: my strenght? Am I able to respect the complete range of movement? Am I balanced enough? etc. Then I train each part of the body enagaged in the gesture separately: arms, back, abdomen, etc. The last phase is about the correct transformation of the gesture, visualizing its possible evolutions: for example the execution of an advanced push up.


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