Yoga is about experimenting and balancing the constitutive qualities of Body, Mind and Mood.

It teaches how to clean our body and analyze our aptitudes.

Through postural and breathing exercises, Holistic Gymnastics gives a better perception of oneself and allows to stay healthy.

It offers a valuable support to manage stress understanding our senses and emotions.

It improves our concentration and, thanks to the constant meditation, it leads to a deep state of presence and self-awareness.

Holistic Gymnastic

It represents the best of Traditional Gymnastics and it adopts the ancient practices of Indian, Chinese (Qi Gong) and Thai (Ruesi Dat Ton) Yoga; exercises that I have studied specifically, living for several years directly in Asia.


Frequent asked questions

How much does it cost?

Costs are set according to the modalities and learning period.

  • Private sessions are more expensive than group classes
  • Muay Movement offers special solutions for long period commitments and for people with serious issues
  • Muay Movement evaluates partnership for who want to exchange professional skills and knowledge
How long does it take to see the first effects?

You can appreciate the first results from the first month and they start to be marked after the sixth month of daily practice.

I’m a beginner. In average, how long it takes to become confident with this kind of exercise?

To get into the heart of practice you need at least 6 motnhs. After about 2 years of constant training you can get enough awareness to personalize and explore the practice, according to your aptitudes.

Should I be flexible to take part in this path?

Flexibility is a good skill, as many others, and IT IS NOT MANDATORY. The purpose is to do the necessary to mantain the psychophysical balance, cultivating one’s self-awareness, respecting everyone’s nature.

How do the Holistic Gymnastics classes are set?

A basic class takes about one and half hours

  • Warm Up
  • Core Exercises
  • Relaxation


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